Rosso Rienzi becomes KATANA Qualified Laboratory


In July 2020, the Rosso Rienzi Dental Laboratory became a "Qualified KATANA Laboratory," a prestigious Kuraray Europe Italy brand that groups several products: Kuraray-Noritake (CZR, FC Paste Stain, CZR ceramics, PANAVIA, SA Cement U. etc.).

The Katana qualification of Kuraray Europe Italy

Being a KATANA Qualified Laboratory is not only a guarantee of the quality of materials and professionalism offered, but it is a confirmation of our constant commitment to process innovation.

This recognition is gratifying because it allows us to further enhance the relationship that binds us, every day, to our customers. In fact, with the achievement of this qualification, our laboratory aims to expand the range of solutions to meet prosthetic requests in the best possible way.

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