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Thanks to the combination of CAD/CAM design, intraoral impressions and 3D printing, we can optimise production times and achieve much more precise results. 

 Technology and digitalization, together with the experience and manual dexterity acquired over the years, make our Laboratory technically prepared to meet our clients’ expectations.

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 CAD-CAM technology allows us to offer a new series of metal or metal-free ceramics: fibre-based or metal-based composite bridges, crowns and inlays, BioHPP and composite bridges, crowns and inlays, composite or resin temporary prostheses, diagnostic devices for case studies, special manufacturing and CAD design.


We offer crowns and bridges on implants, single implant abutments, Toronto bridges, overdentures on implants, and stents for the analysis of the implant site.


We make prostheses using materials with high aesthetic qualities, like zirconia, glass fibre and microfilled composites, characterized by great sturdiness and natural colour. In case of combined prostheses, we offer coupling of the removable part with the fixed part through attachments and milling.


The orthodontics department designs and produces fixed, removable and functional orthodontic braces, also thanks to the new invisible orthodontics. Main goals have always been functionality and aesthetic.

3D printing

We put together the accuracy of a model built by a 3D printer with the experience and knowledge of materials of highly-qualified professionals.

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 We use the most technologically advanced tools, as we believe they are fundamental to satisfying the requests of the dentists and practitioners who come to us for prosthetic products, so that they, in turn, can meet the aesthetic and functional needs of their clients.

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