The digital evolution at the service of the Dentistry Team

 CAD modelling and 3D printing have revolutionized the way dental technicians work, calling for increasingly advanced knowledge and continuously renewed tools.

 The Rosso Rienzi Dental Prosthesis Laboratory is technologically equipped to meet requests that involve CAD/CAM technologies, scanning and 3D printing. 

 We can accommodate any request, however big or small, and we offer the various services related to the dental technology industry with precision and professionalism. 

 We guarantee fast production times as well as a prompt collection and delivery service.

Digital technologies and 3D printing, together with traditional skills

 We chose to use digital technologies and 3D printing to upgrade and enhance our work, without forgoing the key traditional skills and continuing education to remain competitive. 

 The Rosso Rienzi Dental Prosthesis Laboratory believes in digitalization, namely digital dentistry, and has been delving deeper into it for several years, mainly because every detail is crucial in this industry. 

 “Thanks to the combination of intraoral scanning, CAD/CAM design and 3D printing” Mr Rienzi says, “we can optimise production times and achieve much more precise results. Technology and digitalization, together with the experience and manual dexterity we have acquired over the years, make our Laboratory technically prepared to meet our clients’ expectations.” 

 No human being can be as accurate as a 3D printer in creating a model. However, experience, knowledge of the materials, and highly skilled professionals are necessary requirements to offer a high-quality end product. This is where the ability to face the new challenges makes the difference for a dental laboratory. 

Excellence is also achieved in terms of aesthetics of the final product, so that the customer satisfaction is always guaranteed.

Eco-friendly processes and materials

 The implant prostheses by Rosso Rienzi Laboratory are more and more aesthetically pleasing, functional and eco-friendly. 

 Each process is carried out with the utmost accuracy, both in the design phase in accordance with the odontologist’s clinical indications and in the production phase. 

 State-of-the-art tools and high quality eco-friendly materials guarantee a high level of precision. 

 Each medical device we produce is accompanied by the relevant declaration of conformity as required by law.