Partners of our clients

We study needs, we consult our customers, analysing advantages and disadvantages, benefits and investments. 

The result: advanced products, excellent quality-price ratio, happy dentist

In the Laboratory we work like this because we feel and we would like to be considered partners, able to propose and identify materials and forms suited to improving the lives and faces of people.

A constantly developing Dental Prosthesis Laboratory

Choosing Rosso Rienzi means sharing a structural approach in which the skills of all team members are always made available for the dentist’s aims.
So we can carry out same day repairs of mobile prostheses and always offer an excellent pick up and delivery service.

We can meet all the needs of our customers, be they large or small, and cover any services inherent to the field of dental technology with the highest precision and accuracy.
And with a view to sharing experiences, convinced as we are that technological development is an advantage for everyone, the Laboratory organises training and refresher events with the collaboration of the best experts in the field and the participation of the highest credited manufacturing companies.

Experience and expertise

The Rosso Rienzi Dental Prosthesis Laboratory was born in the 1970s from a spin off of one of the most prestigious Laboratories in Udine. 

Since then we have never stopped evolving making every smile entrusted to us a work of knowledge, experience and extraordinary dexterity.

The Laboratory works alongside dental and aesthetic medicine professionals thanks to a team of technicians specialising in the main areas of dental technology: fixed prosthesis, implant prosthesis, mobile prosthesis and orthodontics.

A safe and accurate point of reference for the local dentists, in the 1980s Rosso Rienzi set up its own premises in Fagagna, a few kilometres from Udine, involving new high level profiles in a facility that, already in those years, had as many as five professional dental technicians.

The Laboratory has participated with assiduousness and interest in all meetings and conferences in which these figures have been protagonists, exponents of excellence in the field:

Shigeo Kataoka, Oscar Raffeiner, Rolf Frischherz, Angelo Attinà, Willi Geller, Klaus Muterthies, Pier Giorgio Dolci, Rodolfo Colognesi, August Bruguera, Asami Tanaka, Oliver Brix, Gerald Ubassy, Ferruccio Bertoni, Stefano Corti, Cesare Ferri, Bebi Spina, Roberto Lazzari, Pietro Simonini, Eugenio Bianchini, Giorgio Borin, Aldo Zilio,Sandro Pradella, Martina Felici e Carlo Campana. These are just a few of the specialists who over the years have added their name and their presence to Rosso Rienzi.

The importance of continuous education

With the conviction that even intangible values create value, throughout these years, Rosso Rienzi has never stopped believing in the importance of training and choosing professionalism in talent that, engaged in a continuous in-depth study of the subject, can adequately meet market demand. 

Only by investing in a team that can reinvent itself and grow is it possible to achieve a specialist organisation that anticipates demand and aims towards a product and a service absolutely in line with the expectations of modern dental medicine.

Rosso Rienzi has always chosen and used certified materials and components, which can ensure the prosthetics made are of the highest quality. For these reasons, the Laboratory equipment has also been replaced and updated over the years following, and sometimes anticipating, the development of the market and of technology.

Odoproject Tech – Network of dental prosthesis companies

 The Rosso Rienzi Laboratory built in 2016 a company network, in cooperation with other laboratories, named “Odoproject Tech”, with the aim of developing research in process and product innovation

 Business networks represent today both an opportunity and a goal for future-oriented small enterprises – a goal which is particularly important given the investments that all operators in the field are required to do in order to remain competitive on the market. 

 Unique network in Friuli Venezia Giulia and one of the few in Italy, Odoproject Tech is considered a best practice in the field, thanks to the ability of its member laboratories to share high-level technical expertise and introduce fully digital methods of productions for dental prostheses.

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