Dental technicians and new technologies: a successful combination


Dental technicians across Italy met citizens on Friday 1 June to raise awareness of quality and safety of dental care. 

The spreading of low-cost devices and prostheses, manufactured abroad without the appropriate guarantees of quality and safety, requires information and promotion activities by professionals. 

The manufacturers’ federation Confartigianato Imprese of Udine joined the initiative with an event at FaberLab in Udine.  

The event at FaberLab in Udine, with Mr Rosso Rienzi as moderator.

 An event has been organized at FaberLab in Udine, an area dedicated to the dissemination of and training on new technologies. 

 The meeting, moderated by the provincial and regional lead representative Mr Rosso Rienzi, was attended by more than 30 professionals, who came from all over the region to listen to the speeches of: 

  •  Mr Andrea Stabile, national representative of the dental technicians federation Confartigianato Odontotecnici, Privacy Working Group, 
  •  Ms Martina Felici, owner of MarMax (one of the first 3D printing companies in Italy), 
  •  Mr Carlo Campana, architect and owner of 3D Printer Surgery. 

 The event gave the opportunity to discuss topics as the development of 3D printing. The future of the dental industry lies in the combination of manual skills, knowledge of masticatory anatomy and specific information on new materials and digital design techniques.