European Dental Technicians Day: An event about privacy and new technologies


The FEPPD made 1 June the European Dental Technicians Day to promote the work of dental laboratories.

The manufacturers’ federation Confartigianato Imprese of Udine has decided to organize an event to share tools and solutions that can help complying with the EU General Data Protection Regulation and to understand how 3D printing can open new job opportunities for dental health professionals.

The event about privacy, new technologies and 3D printing

 A great occasion to meet Mr Andrea Stabile, representative of the Confartigianato Privacy Working Group, who will explain how to safely process personal data. 

 The event location is the new FaberLab in Udine – a venue sponsored by Confartigianato to experiment new digital technologies and promote them to young companies. 


 Mr Andrea Stabile – Confartigianato Imprese Legal Office
Coordinator of the Privacy Working Group 

 Ms Martina Felici – Owner of MarMax Design
The outlook of additive manufacturing 

 Mr Carlo Campana – Owner of 3D Printer Surgery
Case studies of 3D printing in maxillofacial surgery